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The Science Behind the Bioenergetic Energy Infusion Revolution

The Native Language Of The Human Cell

Here’s some background surrounding the science inside our proprietary KitCore Labs Bioenergetic Energy Infusion process.

Discovered in 2009 by Dr. Stephen “Kit” Taylor, our process centers on the concept of field intensity (also known as amplitude or flux density), a quantitative description of an electromagnetic field that depends on current flow and direction and its therapeutic effect on the human body at certain levels.

Electromagnetic intensity has been given the unit Tesla (T), named after Nicola Tesla, the Serbian–born American scientist best known for his many revolutionary contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Field intensity (amplitude) is determined by three factors: 1) magnetic coil length (meters), 2) the number of windings of the coil, and 3) the strength of the electrical current (amps) applied to that coil. 

From these, together with an induction constant and the specific resistance of the material, the field intensity (flux density) can be calculated.

A medical application of the Tesla (T) scale is FDA-approved transcranial magnetic stimulation systems and diagnostic resonance imaging (MRI) systems that use field strengths of 1.5 – 3T.

Some additional context of the Tesla range is as follows:

            1 T = 1 000 mT (milli-Tesla)
            1 mT = 1 000 microT (micro-Tesla)
            1 microT = 1 000 nT (nano-Tesla)
            1 nT = 1 000 pT (pico-Tesla)

The electromagnetic applications inside KitCore Labs’ Energy Infusion process functions at a field strength hundreds of thousands of times weaker than fields applied to FDA-approved transcranial magnetic stimulation systems and diagnostic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. 

KitCore Labs applies these extremely low field strengths to certain materials that take well to our infusion. Since the ultimate target of signaling is the human body’s cell membrane where negative ions can have an immediate and therapeutic benefit, extremely low field strengths inside these materials that accept the KitCore infusion process produce beneficial biological responses inside the human body (for fabrics via surface potentiation).

This is the principle of the "biological windows", a concept developed by Dr. Ross Adey.  He discovered a range of electromagnetic frequencies to which the body responds more readily and very positively. This principle can likewise be applied to field intensity. 

There is a specific "biological window" of electromagnetic intensities to which the human body responds quite well for wellness, stress reduction, enhanced oxygen delivery and overall health benefits.

Research has proven the principle of this biological window in relation to electromagnetic field intensity… showing that human cells most readily express a cell-preserving gene, heat shock protein 70 (hsp70), at a field intensity less than 10 mT.

KitCore Labs' Energy Infusion utilizes extremely low field intensities that are able to communicate most effectively with the cell membrane. The result is the best possible wellness effect for all 75 trillion cells of the body. 

Ultimately, it can be said that the native language of the human cell, from an electromagnetic perspective, is a subtle whisper.

A Few Words About KitCore Labs’ Bioenergetic Energy Infusion Technology

BIOENERGETICS is rooted in science. At the forefront of this movement is KitCore Labs' Energy Infusion Wearable Technology. Our patent-pending therapeutic effect delivers more beneficial ions into the human body.

KitCore technology depends on “SURFACE POTENTIATION” where energy-infused apparel/sleepwear/sheets (made of cotton, polyester, poly blend, silk, material repurposed from plastic, hemp, and material with oil and or water inside) delivers more therapeutic ions through the human body’s ideal low-energy biological window (>10 micro-tesla) and directly into the blood stream.

When KitCore Energy Infused material remains in contact with our skin, we seamlessly receive these beneficial ions directly into our blood stream. They speed through the body and produce a wide array of therapeutic benefits that enhance us:

  • Better Blood Flow
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Less Body Pain
  • More Strength
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Faster Recovery
  • Quicker Reaction Time
  • More Endurance
  • Better Sustain Hydration
  • Better Balance
  • Improved Quality of Sleep
  • Elevated Sense of Well-Being

The bottom line benefits of base layer apparel/sleepwear/sheets infused with KitCore Labs’ Energy Infusion is SPEEDING AND STRENGTHENING THE BRAIN-BODY CONNECTION… elevating our Central Integrative State. 

The longer a person uses/wears/sleeps on our infused apparel/sleepwear/sheets, the stronger an individual’s system will become.

Bioenergetic Energy Infusion Technology from KitCore Labs.

Welcome to the Future.  Welcome to You: Enhanced.

A Few Words About Receptors

The human brain and body is the most complex computer network ever created. The brain houses our Central Processing Unit (CPU) and our body is the internal network… sending and receiving billions of messages each and every second.

The brain and body communicate through a series of five distinct receptors: Mechano-Receptors, Thermo Receptors, Pain Receptors, Visual Receptors and Chemo-Receptors. Mechano-Receptors are the most common throughout the human body. Together, the functionality of these five types of receptors add up to how strong and fast we perform on a day-to-day basis. This is our body’s Central Integrative State.

Our receptors reside at the exit points of nerves, causing them to send neural impulses. Nerve impulses exist in only two states. They are either excitatory (On) or inhibitory (Off). There is no in-between. All inhibitory nerve impulses originate in the brain.

Young people and athletes are able to function at a very high level due to the speed and strength of their Central Integrative State. However, between age 50 and 60, approximately 50% of our Mechano-Receptors die in a very short time, and unfortunately they do not replenish. Mechano-receptors are involved in all heart activity, blood pressure, hearing, balance, and muscle function. As a result, many people between the ages of 50-60 begin to develop dysfunction in these vital areas of their bodies. High blood pressure, muscle weakness, arthritic changes, imbalance, hearing difficulties, and decreased energy are some of the symptoms.

With half of the Mechano-Receptors now charged with all the tasks of our day-to-day duties, the Central Integrative State for our body’s 75 trillions cells is working much harder. When our bodies work harder in this way, free radicals are produced, contributing to the decline in the overall health of the human body.

KitCore Bioenergetic Infusion helps address this problem. Our proprietary infusion process produces more therapeutic ions naturally at a molecular level in materials like silk, polyester, poly blends, water, hemp, oils and bamboo. Energy Infusion Wearable Technology material infuses our bodies with therapeutic ions through “surface potentiation” (contact with the human skin) at a very low energy level. Our bodies love these therapeutic ions. They bring us into a more balanced state by helping with the brain-body connection.

KitCore’s Bioenergetic Infusion process helps support our receptors by bringing more electrons to the party, helping speed and strengthen our brain and body connection. When our brain and body work more efficiently, the production of free radicals inside our body is reduced, ultimately helping to improve the overall function and health of the human body. This results in achieving more by doing less.

Here’s the bottom line: KitCore's Bioenergetic Infusion speeds and strengthens the brain-body connection, making us a better (and ultimately the best) version of ourselves. All a person has to do is wear an item infused with KitCore Labs’ Bioenergetics and begin to reap the benefits. The more one wears or uses products with KitCore Labs’ technology, the better one feels. You will be stronger and faster. Because no two people are the same, some people will feel an immediate dramatic difference, and for other people it will be a much more subtle feeling. This is why we suggest utilizing KitCore infused products for three months to realize the benefits.

Welcome to The Future. Welcome to KitCore Bioenergetic Infusion.

Welcome to You: Enhanced!


The Science Behind the Next-Generation Smart Product Revolution

Please review the following scientific studies to understand the significance of the increased intensity and easier absorption (entropy) of KitCore Labs’ Wearable Bioenergetic Infusion.

  • Water without charged polyester
  • Water with Celliant charged polyester
  • Water with charged and non-charged oil 
  • Certificate of Compliance - Perales Consulting

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