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Stories and Testimonials

Hi KitCore! Our family just wanted to say how much we love our KitCore infused bamboo sheets. They are super comfy and make us feel great. Both my boys have been sleeping well. My youngest son (5 years old) has been a historically restless sleeper. But after using KitCore infused sheets, he’s now sleeping comfortably through the night without issue. That’s encouraging! Thanks!
Elizabeth M., Petoskey, MI
For about 3 weeks our whole family has been sleeping on KitCore infused sheets. I began to notice a change right away in how much better I slept, more soundly and for longer. In the past I would often wake up stiff and sore, usually because I exercise pretty intensely many days of the week. But lately, I have noticed that when I wake up I am not stiff or sore at all; my body just feels better right out of bed. Our 6-year-old son, who has always had very severe eczema in winter, has had such an improvement in his eczema after 3 weeks of sleeping on the sheets. Nothing we have ever tried has helped his eczema as much as the KitCore energy infusion technology.
Jennifer J., West Chester, PA
Hi, KitCore! Thought I would report back on our experiences with our KitCore infused socks and shirts. My son Kevin is a cancer survivor. He wears his infused KitCore socks 24/7 and says they make his feet feel warmer. His left foot suffered the most nerve damage from his chemo… with almost zero feeling. While driving over here for dinner last night, he indicated there was new tingling in that foot as he used the clutch pedal. That is huge!

As for me, my infused shirts have really helped my old aching flute (former concert musician) shoulders. I wake up in the AM with almost no pain, muscles more relaxed, and a greater range of motion.

Kevin and I want you to know how grateful we are! Our shoulders and feet send their thanks, too!
Kathy O., Westwood, MA
My name is Larry and I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran. I have been a patient of Dr. Taylor for 25 years. Through his care I’ve been able to function in a fairly normal manner. His invention of enhancing the braces I wear has helped tremendously in adding strength to my legs and allowed greater movement with less noticeable pain. I am also sleeping better as I no longer experience knee discomfort at night.
Larry J., San Diego, CA
I love the undershirts infused with KitCore Technology. I am 83 years old and have arthritis in my back, legs, and shoulders. The infused shirts definitely help, and I don’t take as many anti-inflammatory pills anymore, which always bothered my stomach. I feel better.
Gary W., Escondido, CA
I didn’t believe it at first.  When I first tried the golf shirt on, I didn’t feel anything, but Kit proved to me that something positive was taking place.  When he re-tested me a few months later, I found I was definitely feeling better overall.  So, I've asked him to “charge” all of my sports clothes, too. It’s amazing, how it works!
Jill C., Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Dr. Taylor consulted with me and my son, Alex, and showed us the difference in his football helmet before and after it was charged. My son is very competitive and said he felt much stronger and more alert while wearing his helmet. I don’t know how this works but it does. I always worry about my son getting injured and feel that this technology is helping to lessen that possibility. 
Marie F., Encinitas, CA
There is no bigger skeptic than me. When Dr. Taylor asked if I would participate in a clinical study, I agreed. After only three days of wearing clothing that he had given me, I was amazed how I felt… and I was even more surprised at the testing results. In three days, my Cardiac Index, which I found out is an indicator of the elasticity of my blood vessels (stiffness), improved by over 20%.  This positively affected my blood oxygen level, raising my usable O2 by a full percentage point.  Also, the stress on my heart, the left ventricle ejection power came back into normal limits. I have hardening of the arteries and this development was very encouraging. I have continued wearing undershirts infused with KitCore Technology and I can honestly say that it works and I feel better.  
Pat H., Donahue, CA
I have infused the insoles of my tennis shoes with KitCore Technology.  I no longer feel the fatigue and soreness in my legs when I play tennis.
Nancy H., Leucadia, CA