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Nail Vitality Testimonials


Dee Dee S.
“For years my nails have been brittle and had an unsightly yellow appearance...The results are absolutely amazing. Within one month all of the yellow was gone and in another month my nails had become strong that my manicurist called me asking what has happened to me as she had not seen me...She was amazed and very excited when I went in to show her how healthy my nails had become.” Dee Dee S.

Collette C.
“I've had problems with my nails where they break very easily. I had this white mark on my nail and after a month or so of using the serum, that white mark is gone! My nails are a lot healthier and stronger now thanks to your product! I love that there’s no reverse effects when I forget to use it, or go a few days without using it.” Collette C.

Mira K.
“I thought I would have to live with my nail problems for the rest of my life. I was used to having ridges and splitting of my nails. I like that the oil is not too oily. Once I rub it in there is no greasy feeling. My nails do not split anymore and they look beautiful. Something I never thought possible!” Mira K.

Adeline J.
“Before using this product I had weak nails that broke constantly. Sometimes my nails would bend backwards and break. The product is easy to use I keep it by my bed and use it before I go to bed. Now my nails are strong and they look great!” Adeline J.

Meredith G.
“I started using the sample product that you provided. I have been cooking and gardening and my hands are in water quite a bit. I cannot believe that after about 6 days of application my nails are hydrated, do not appear to be peeling or this point normally all of this would be happening for me! I think as you indicated this product works!” Meredith G.

Glenn M.
“I've been a hairdresser for more than 30 years and have suffered with a mold in my thumb & sometimes fingers. I have not found anything to relieve it over the years until now. Nail Vitality really works! Just rub, rub, rub a couple minutes a day is all it takes and you can receive the same results. And in just 5 weeks there has been a significant change in the fungus on my thumb, a problem that I have been dealing with for 30 years and with no luck from other medications and remedies.” Glenn M.

Jan A.
“For years my nails would break unexpectedly and they were very yellow. I tried Nail Vitality and wasn't too sure if it would work...I was surprised that within two weeks the yellowing had begun to disappear and my finger nails became very strong and hard...I tried another product that was recommended and had been on the market for several years and nothing happened, it did not work...within a few weeks my nails had returned to their natural healthy state. I am a customer for life.” Jan A.