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Welcome to You: Enhanced

In 2009, Dr. Stephen “Kit” Taylor discovered a patent-pending, beneficial energy frequency and its proprietary infusion process.  He created wearable organic technology energy with polyester, hemp, bamboo, cotton, plastic, silk and water.  This innovative Energy Infusion for next generation “Smart Products” delivers users greater flexibility, increased strength, and faster recovery time.  Imagine achieving more while doing less.  Bioenergetic Infusion from KitCore Labs: it’s you…Enhanced.

Bioenergetics is the new face of science-based discovery, rooted in the enhancement of life. Wearable Bioenergetics is the science of speeding and strengthening your brain-body connection through increased neural pathway stimulation. It's how we breathe, move, and think.

KitCore Labs’ Bioenergetic Energy Infusion can be added into quality clothing, state-of-the-art sports compression-wear, as well as sports braces, mouth guards, helmets, sleepwear, yoga clothing and mats, equestrian/veterinary products, nutraceuticals, as well as other oil or water-based items.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to a new world with Bioenergetic Energy Infusion.

Welcome To You: Enhanced.