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When was KitCore Wearable OrganicTechnology Energy Infusion discovered and by whom?
Dr. Stephen Kit Taylor D.C.,D.A.B.C.N, a Neurologist, Kinesiologist and Chiropractor, with extensive university training and private practice experience, developed the KitCore Ion Plus Infusion Technology in 2009… clinically testing it since that time.

It is a frequency that is present in every human we’ve tested. KitCore Labs believes that it has always been with us and is a universal frequency in all living people and animals. According to Albert Einstein’s theory: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but merely transformed.” Through our patent-pending process, we help transform an energy that is present in all of us to increase energy to the brain, with helpful effect on our physical and emotional function. KitCore Labs’ Energy Infusion Technology increases the number of negative charged electrons of the material through which it is infused.

What results or improvements can be expected?
Everyone is different. No two humans are exactly alike. A majority of individuals experience an immediate increase in strength and flexibility. To date, this is true in over 90% of the people we have tested and worked with. It is rare we note a person saying they felt nothing. Those who have noted this – when re-tested, have acknowledged feeling stronger, and possessing a greater range of movement, while being able to manage their pain issues better.

Does the effectiveness of the infusion change where my charged clothing comes in contact with my body?
Yes it does. We have found that the larger the surface of contact, the greater the “spatial” potentiation of the receptor charge. What this means is that the broader area of contact… the more energy is conveyed to the neuro-receptors in your body. This is a good thing. We want to make sure that equal availability of neuro-receptor stimulation is present so that your body can feed your brain… and the brain can enhance body function by helping the right information get to the right spot, at the right time so the body can respond more positively on its own, and make the right improvement.

Does it wash out of material?
It does not wash out. After tests where material was washed and dried a minimum of 50 times, the charge has not changed or diminished. Athletes who have used a charged mouth guards for an entire season have reported they are still seeing a positive impact on their performance.

With what materials does KitCore Wearable Organic Technology Energy Infusion work best?
KitCore technology works well in water, and natural oil-based substances/ products. It also infuses well into polyester, cotton, hemp, bamboo, plastic, metal, and silk.

I see in testing, a Plethysmograph was used.  What is it?
It is an instrument for recording and measuring variation in the volume of a part of the body esp, caused by changes in blood pressure.  It’s an FDA approved unit.

What is Electro-Photonic Imager/Gas Discharge Visualization used in Psy-Tec Labs, LLC testing?
This is a FDA recognized and registered advanced form of Kirlian photography (World Health Organization approved) developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov . This technology produces an electric impulse, which generates a response of the object in the form of electron and photon emission. The glow of the photon radiation owing to the  gas discharge generated from the electromagnetic field is captured by a digital camera and processed by sophisticated software that can preform sophisticated statistical analysis of the data looking at many different parameters such as brightness and size of the glow. 

What is Entropy and how does it apply to KitCore Wearable Organic Technology Energy Infusion testing?
Entropy is a lack of order or predictability… a gradual decline into disorder.  The greater the entropy, the less utilization of the product tested. Entropy is a dynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work.  This is often interpreted as a degree of disorder or randomness in the system.  The lesser the entropy, the greater the utilization of the product tested.  Bottom line: KitCore Energy Infusion Wearable Technology is much easier to absorb and to utilize than other forms of material infusion.

KitCore is You: Enhanced.