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Case Study 1 - John Greenhaw from Encinitas, CA

Before & After

KitCore's Bioenergetic Energy Infusion

KitCore Energy Infusion can work quickly and effectively to reduce tissue inflammation in most people. Less inflammation means decreased pain, and a lower level of pain equals a better quality of life. Thermal Imaging illustrates this.

Thermal Imaging is an FDA-approved diagnostic procedure that reveals “bio-markers” and physiological changes by measuring the body’s radiant heat. Where there is heat, there is activity like inflammation, tissue changes, toxins and cellular destruction, or tumor growth. Thermal Imaging is used to evaluate pain inside body tissue.

The 2015 case of John Greenhaw from Encinitas, CA, illustrates this point. John suffers from lower back pain, fibromyalgia, a shoulder restriction (which still requires surgery), and neck tightness and restriction. John lives with constant pain.


Here’s the Thermal Imaging for his lower back dated 8/4/15.  The red and white areas of the image denote significant inflammation. Then, John started using shirts with KitCore's Energy Infusion Wearable Technology and wore them around the clock, 24/7.


Just three days later, the changes were dramatic.  The Thermal Image of his lower back from 8/7/15 shows a significant reduction in body inflammation. The areas that were previously white and red are significantly reduced.

Thermal Image Before Thermal Image After


The test results demonstrate KitCore Labs’ Bioenergetic Energy Infusion reduced John’s surface inflammation. The time from the Pre to the Post study was three days.

Bottom line: John Greenhaw experienced reduced pain by wearing an Energy Infused shirt from KitCore Labs. Less Inflammation = Less Pain = Better Quality of Life.

John continues to wear these products and experience benefits from KitCore Labs to this day.

* Your results may vary. Previous outcomes do not guarantee future findings. Individual results may vary and results are not typical. Studies of the infusion process in garments have shown reduced inflammation, increased strength and flexibility when worn for up to 72 hours after initial test. Testing tool does not replace doctor prescribed advice. Consult your physician for complete information on your condition.