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About Us

Provisionally Patented KitCore Infusion raises the brain’s energy baseline… increasing your Central Integrative State. Your ability to send and receive nerve impulses throughout your body increases... enhancing you through greater flexibility, added strength, faster healing, and quicker response time.

Meet the innovators at KitCore Labs bringing this next-generation technology to the world.

Dr. Stephen “Kit” Taylor, D.C., D.A.B.C.N. 
Founder / Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Stephen "Kit" TaylorDr. Stephen “Kit “Taylor is a world-renowned Chiropractic /Neurologist with years of experience working with all levels of athletes. His expertise centers on the physical rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses.

He was Past President of the Board of Neurological Examiners of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), and an Instructor of Neurology at several Universities in the United States and New Zealand.

As a Vietnam Veteran, Kit went into medicine as a result of his own health challenges received in that war. He’s a leader in the development of new technologies to assist others in their own healing, daily function and performance.

Kit has worked with members of the Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, many professional boxers, professional runners, baseball players, weekend warriors and young developing athletes.

As a compelling public speaker, Kit has delivered many seminars focusing on healing, which emphasizes the “needs of the individual”, which is the foundation for Functional Medicine. He has also built and maintained several Multi-Discipline Family Clinics in Colorado and New Mexico throughout his career.

He has been at the forefront of bringing physicians and healers working together, targeting for the best outcome of the individual patient.



Joe DiBernardo

CEO / Director of Operations

Joe DiBernardo

Joe is a full partner in KitCore labs and has been involved in the company’s development from its inception.  He functions as CEO, managing the daily operation of KitCore Labs, as well as being an integral part of the envisioning team for the company’s future.   Joe has a wealth of management experience developing and guiding commercial properties for over 34 years in the construction industry.  He’s successfully managing contracts in the private sector, and with the federal government.  Joe has extensive experience in creating clean rooms for the United States and China.  His continued drive to help others is rooted in his personal experience of overcoming his own serious health concerns, being aided by utilizing KitCore Labs Energy Infusion Wearable Technology.